Park County Leadership Institute

Learning to Serve. Serving to Lead.

Leading to Learn.

Developed in 1995, Park County Leadership Institute (PCLI) has proudly graduated thirteen classes and almost 300 alumni since our inaugural class. PCLI alumni are represented in all industries and sectors of Park County and many have taken on leadership roles in their workplace, community organizations, and boards. 

PCLI during COVID  

Though the Park County Leadership Institute continues to optimistically plan for Class XIV beginning in September 2022, we are closely tracking COVID and its potential risk to our participants and volunteers. PCLI and our volunteers, partners, and participants must follow all health and safety guidelines in order to participate. 


PCLI retains the right to postpone or cancel Class XIV at any point. In this case, participants will have the option to receive a pro-rated refund or hold your spot in the class once it resumes. 

About PCLI

What is PCLI?

Park County Leadership Institute (PCLI) is a community-based leadership development program for Park County residents wishing to increase their skills, knowledge, and participation in the community. 

What will I learn?

PCLI is a Leadership Institute. You will learn, grow, and practice leadership skills throughout the class, as well as gain a better understanding of Park County, its communities, and its many service opportunities.

What will I do?

Aside from learning from  local leaders, PCLI graduates attend community-based events and board meetings to learn more about successfully impacting and participating in the community. PCLI does not endorse specific projects and/or partner organizations, though it does believe the process is an important part of leadership.

When is PCLI?

PCLI meets all day on the second Thursday of each month, September through May. Sessions are a day-long commitment, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Participants cannot miss more than two sessions in order to graduate. Each class member must also attend four community-based experiences and visit three board meetings outside of class time.

Don't worry - you won't want to miss a thing!

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $575, and includes all materials, speakers, experiences, and meals.

Partial scholarships are available. Don't hesitate to ask!

Who can apply?

Anyone living or working in Park County, Wyoming is eligible for PCLI.

Applicants must have the full support of their sponsoring organization or employer, and must provide evidence that the employer will allow time for participation, including monthly class attendance, community-based experiences and board meeting visits.


"Park County Leadership Institute (PCLI) provided me a better skill set and knowledge by helping me become a better leader in the workplace and in the community. Since taking that class, I have become one of four senior management leaders in our 35 person firm. I have also become President of two boards and serve on two other boards.  This would not have been possible without PCLI."

Cody Schatz, PE & LS
Engineering Associates

Application Process

Applications for Class XIV will open in June 2022The link to the application will be both on our website (here) and on our facebook page. Until then, please email leadership@wyomingpcli.org with any questions.

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